iOS Development

With more than 1 billion Apple devices sold up to date, iOS is stronger than ever.

Since we have started to develop mobile apps, iOS was always the primary platform of every client and every company. While other platforms are getting strong now, iOS is still the number one target, especially for companies which want to make money out of their mobile apps.Ios_logoDeveloping for iOS could be tricky since Apple is very keen with the guidelines of the App Store and their Human Interface Guide. Fortunately, over the years we have gained the experience to successfully tackle these issues and be able to develop applications that fully reflect our clients’ needs and wishes.

Before starting an iOS application project, please consider the following:

  • Which devices do you want the apps to be optimized for: only the latest iPhone, the iPad, or even the iPad Mini devices as well?
  • What is the typical target group of the potential users of the app and/or service? Are you trying to reach a specific or a general audience?
  • Do you want your application to strictly follow one particular iOS standard? We have discovered that successful applications are based on slightly blending the rules while maintaining the generally accepted and known standards.
  • How are you going to edit the contents of the app after its release? Without doubt, keeping the content fresh is the best way to engage users. We offer easy-to-use solutions so you can update the content of your application instantly whenever you want.
  • Do you want to release your app under your own account, or under that of Canecom? The way an application is published and marketed is just as important as efficient coding. Do you have the technical and marketing knowledge to publish your application, or you need our assistance?
  • How do you want to monetize your application: do you want it to be available for free or to be sold for money? Do you have other revenue streams in mind (like in-app advertising, endorsements, promotions)?
  • What additional features you want in your application? (Push notifications, Facebook integration, etc.) Think of how you can make your app to stand out from the crowd and deliver more value to the user.
    Do not worry if you cannot answer some, or even all of these questions, because we are here to help you. If you haven’t done so, please read the reasons why choosing us guarantees a path with no headaches to a great application.

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