Enterprise cloud repository


  • Due to the strategic importance of the files stored, the maximum retention period is defined at 35 years. The retention period can be configured by the users when uploading files and the system immediately gives a predicted cost calculation for the selected period. In the background, over time, documents are being ‘downgraded’ to cheaper storage types and eventually get deleted at the end of their retention period.
  • It was a main requirement for the solution to be highly scalable adapting to the growing needs of our users. This and the planned future extensions also meant that the project needed even more throughout documentation, specification and test cases than usual.
  • Handling pdf, zip, ppt, xlsx, xlsm, txt, doc, CAE, engineering data files as well as data objects with unspecified file types. Detailed metadata is added to every file during upload and this provides the basis of the built-in advanced search function.
  • Even though the size limit for a single batch upload in the web app is maximized at 5GB, we needed to provide a mass file transfer and migration option that can also import legacy files from previous systems. This can be performed through a different interface and for that the one off transfer size is 200TB.

AngularJS - NodeJS

Custom web application

Cloud SQL

Automatically scalable database

Debian Linux

Highly secure server instances

Google Cloud Source Repository

Tracking revisions and configurations


Over the years, we have seen many different legacy file sharing and repository systems being used by our large enterprise customers for some of their most crucial projects. These systems were all carrying similar shortcomings. Namely, their maintenance was extremely difficult, they were built using old, deprecated technologies, they weren’t secure enough, they could not provide the availability that today’s standards require and their user experience was far behind the convenience of what a new cloud solution could offer.


Our main idea was to replace all of the different legacy systems that were in place before and provide a single centralised and modern storage option that can securely store important official files and strategic documentation. The solution provides simultaneous access to hundreds of users that are scattered all around the globe in different locations and in multiple departments and is available 0-24h. The goal of the project was a web based application from which users can create and manage repositories in Google Cloud Storage, upload and manage data objects in those repositories with multi level user permissions and access credentials in place.

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