• Advanced Line management algorithms
  • Fully customizable caterer rule matrix (order limit, time limit, wait limit.. etc.)
  • Special distancing and COVID-19 restrictions features
  • Multi channel notification system with push, mail, SMS, Messenger
  • Easy real time caterer menu setup
  • Wide range of supported hardware and operating systems

Headless CMS

Easy seamless integration

Custom algorithms

Proprietary line management technology

Mobile app

Android and iOS development

Hardware support

Wide range of supported caterer setups


Crazy long lines and wait times in the stadium on a fully packed match or concert day are nothing new and can be really overwhelming for fans and caterers alike. This combined with the really strict distancing rules that the unfortunate COVID situation has forced on us created an immediate need for a new and better ordering technology that can optimize delivery, minimize wait times and create a much more streamlined and safe food and beverage ordering experience.


We have built a system that not only delivers the familiar and easy app experience for food ordering on the customer side but has custom algorithms for driving orders to a specified caterer, keeps track of inventory and the number of incoming orders, cuts down wait times by up to 70% and makes sure your freshly tapped beer stays cold.
The dedicated caterer CMS allows providers to change the available menu and keep track of the status of the incoming orders real time.

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