Technical Specification

Build a solid foundation for your project by crafting a MasterPlan. Lower the unnecessary risks and arguments by using our technical specification template.

It’s a part of
our methodology.

Always start with why! Make sure you know what you would like to see as an end result, this way you will not lose control. Crafting a specification can be hard and time consuming but also very rewarding considering the success rate of your project.

Good planning is the key to
save time and money.

As the basic phrase of agile development says, the costs of changes grow exponentially over time in the development process. Be prepared by having a MasterPlan!

A good specification is
the base of software development.

It is much easier to walk through a sometimes challenging path when the sidewalks are lightened up and its crystal clear what needs to be done. Get access to our technical specification template by filling up the form below.

Andras Sipos

Product Manager

Akos Veber

UX / UI Designer