Windows development

Is it worth developing for Windows platform? The question may arise, and would have been a question to deeply consider one or two years ago. But trends change and with over 100 million Windows Phone devices used today we definitely have the answer Yes for the question.
Windows_logo_Cyan_rgb_DWith the release of Windows 10 it is easier to develop apps for several devices. Should it be phone, tablet or PC the same code is used. As a result it is easier than ever to reach your users on Windows devices.

Developing a successful application for Windows can be a complicated process if one is not prepared against the pitfalls of the platform, or does not know about design guides and best practices. At Canecom, we develop our Windows apps in a way that connects our technical expertise with the client’s expectations to ensure the best outcome.

Specific issues related to Windows application development you should consider:

  • Do you want your app to be developed for Windows smartphones only or also for tablets running Windows? There are different devices running the Windows operating system and choosing the right ones to optimize for is crucial.
  • What audience do you want to reach with your application? For example, do you have a specific age group or geographic area in mind?
  • Do you want your app to strictly follow one particular Windows Phone guideline? Following the Windows guidelines is always a good idea, but many great applications slightly deviate from these. Our primary objective is always about finding the right amount of innovation without confusing users.
  • Do you have any plans on editing the contents of the app after its release? As time passes by, the content may become outdated and users simply stop using your app. With our tools you can easily modify your application at any given time – and keep your users engaged.
  • How do you want to release your application? To have a widely-used app, publishing and marketing is just as important as high-quality coding. Do you need our help with these as well?
  • How do you want to make money out of your application? Do you want to directly sell it in the application marketplace, or to be released for free with revenue streams like in- app purchases and in-app advertising?
  • Do you have any wild idea that you think is technically impossible? Anything that you think might work well, but cannot see how it can be accomplished? Though we cannot turn lead into gold, we have already surprised our clients how easily we can realize a complex idea.
  •  These questions might have given you more questions than answers – but do not worry! We can find the answers together. Trusting us with developing your application gives you a process without hassles. Please visit our separate page to read more reasons why choosing us is the best decision if you want the best results.

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