Smart Fintech and DeFi

A customizable hybrid fintech platform with a modular approach to ALM, KYC, PSP and many more possible features.
DEFI / Distributed Ledger / Fintech / TradFi

Special Features

Hybrid Smart Contracts
Decentralized finance (DeFi)
Rights Management and Fan Tokens for Sports Clubs
Gaming and NFTs
Utility/insurance in a dApp (utility tokens)
Decentralized organization – DAO setups
Voting weight in a protocol (governance token)
Equity in a company (security token)
Ownership of unique real-world or digital assets (non-fungible tokens)

Business Need

We were there when the AppStore first opened for mobile apps and we feel really strongly that Web 3.0 and the underlying blockchain technology brings a similarly huge impact on the tech world. Decentralization and token-based economics are here to define new paths forwards so we decided to join in early on and specialize in use cases beyond cryptocurrencies and for example, research more energy-efficient or exponentially faster consensus algorithms.

The Solution

The Canecom team is available for consultation, technical planning and full start to finish implementation services as well. It is really easy to get lost in the multitude of test networks, minting options, calculate with gas or transaction fees, wallets and blockchain networks even before starting your project so we are here to help you beyond the essential technical implementation.

Next Product



Stadium and hospitality solution with ML based line and catering management technology