We are offering expertise and on-hand experience for all your software development requirements. Our favourite technologies are Node.js, Vue.js, Golang and Flutter. We are proficient to use the AWS and Google Cloud infrastructure (with high level of experience with multiple services) and connect all new applications into your existing workflow and system.

The demand for faster response time, unpredictable traffic patterns, and ever-growing data-sets have made it a bit challenging for everyone to decide which cloud practices are the best to build a highly scalable application.

Microservices are indispensable bricks of modern cloud architecture. They enable businesses to scale, stay loosely coupled, move fast, stay highly available. Teams can take the ownership of individual services, roll-out new features within a minimum time span.

Cloud native applications have to be consistent, extensible, performant to handle concurrent transactions, execute daily batch processes. They have to be fault-tolerant.

We have a deep understanding and expertise about how to build resilient, highly available systems for both AWS and GCP platforms from ground up.

A pivotal stage in a project, the design stage will make it possible to transform an idea into a real project . We involve you in these stages of project definition, in particular during workshops inspired by design thinking. Thus we validate together the functional concepts developed. Very influenced by agility we systematically work in a pragmatic and iterative way.

We make our expertise and passion available to ambitious customers who want to communicate effectively the vision and the values that distinguish them. Proximity allows us to create products that express your reality with authenticity and efficiency. You’ll be in safe hands!

  • Development

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  • Cloud Architecture

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  • Product Design

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Processing business needs


Discovering business and user needs


Scoping products, define service goals


Creative service ideas through collaboration


Tangible, interactive product concepts


Usability testing and validation


Development or asset/package delivery

Viable Product

Digital Innovation & Transformation

Our aim is to bring our development teams as close as possible to our partners and the product owners to create a super lean and focused delivery group working towards a shared objective and removing any barriers in succeeding


EFRS – enterprise cloud repo

Automatically scalable, modern and centralized file repository system for large enterprises
  • GCS
  • enterprise
  • file repository


Stadium and hospitality solution with ML based line and catering management technology
  • ecommerce
  • app
  • integrated

Support the entire development phase with high quality videos and screencasts with GitHub integration
  • video
  • screencast

Hybrid multiplatform automated chat solution with web, mobile, facebook and viber integration
  • chat
  • ai
  • multiplatform

Work with us!

Andras Sipos COO
Engaged and contributing people in a responsible team

We believe in building a nurturing company culture around the circle of trust. So members can grow as individuals in a working environment by providing soil for learning and making their own, valid decisions. We are operating with people, whom you’d take in trenches. This our number rule, since we are managing everyday work in a remote approach, since 2018.

Mark Kubatov CEO
Great work - life balance as the top priority

People think of Canecom as a company that makes software – and we are. But we are also building a culture with people who play well together, are excited to build products that delight customers and know how to have some fun while they’re at it. Here, you’ll find a place that’s challenging, hands-on, transparent and led with real passion.

Daniel Wohl CTO
Strive for excellence, not perfection

Managing technology in a company is often challenging. However what is more important for a successful business is to have the best team which is built on a solid foundation. We always work to find the perfect solution for a business' need by combining together the necessary technology with the most suitable teams.