Hybrid multiplatform automated chat solution with web, mobile, facebook and viber integration

Special Features

Users signing up on the web can be retargeted in instant messaging apps
Custom made hybrid chat engine that can handle live, chatbot, video and voice chats in a single place
Action triggers and advanced segmentation via tags
Full Zapier integration
Cards, pictures, videos, web views, branching, dedicated input fields are all supported content types
Conversational landing pages for campaigns, Google and Facebook ads

Business Need

With the skyrocketing popularity of the chatbot based messaging solutions and web chat pop-ups serving customers in every other e-commerce shop, there is a strong trend developing in the past few years. However, all of the existing solutions on the market are limited to one specific task, they are only a small extension to the existing client communication channels of a brand. There is a strong demand for a fully fledged marketing automation tool that can tie together all of the different chat channels and create a true 360 degrees inbound and outbound messaging solution.

The Solution

multichat.ai is a multichannel chat platform combining live chat, web chat, instant messaging apps (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Viber, Discord.. etc.), chatbots, a full e-commerce integration, push notifications and e-mail plus SMS sending options. The CMS interface of the tool provides easy access to all of the different messaging channels and configurations for the admins and live agents also chat through this interface. Brands can grow their follower base, qualify leads automatically, provide instant customer support, schedule marketing campaigns..etc. or even broadcast live events through the chat. This can be done through any combination of the messaging channels and the Dashboard of the system provides detailed reports and analytics data for the best performance possible.

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