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We often get asked what our value proposition is and what sets us apart from other companies. Whether we talk to new clients about a new project idea or a new talent joining our team they are always curious how we stand out from the crowd and why we are unique.

These are seemingly two completely opposite angles, a new employee probably has different priorities than a client trusting an external team with its strategic project. However, we actually feel that there is a really close connection between what makes us ideal partners for our clients and how we structure our work or what the key values are within our team. 

From software developers to innovation partners

In order to fully answer the question, let’s look at Canecom’s history for a moment as it helps understanding the underlying mindset. 

We work as a software development house for more than 10 years now and it is fair to say that we were in the top mobile development companies in the region for quite some time but several years ago there was a firm strategic decision and a really strong internal paradigm shift that still defines how we approach software projects. We decidedly moved towards more complex and demanding system development projects where we can innovate with our partners. The client projects range from advanced user data management or CMS backend systems to actual space data processing in a cloud environment but we also put an equally strong emphasis on our own inhouse software products.

We used to see customers bringing in projects with really detailed specifications and rather exact requirements that simply needed to be executed but there was a slow but steady change over the years and nowadays 80% of our projects come in a format which is more like a well thought out concept as an answer to a specific market need. These projects benefit greatly from a more consultative approach with quicker and more frequent iterations. Our work starts earlier in the design phase, we get much more involved and because of this we feel our role in the success of a product much more impactful

Digital transformation, approach transformation

Digital transformation is becoming more important than ever before so the pace at which these projects need to be rolled out is also getting increasingly faster. This not only means that a good development partner can ask the right questions but it also requires them to be able to come up with answers on their own when needed. The right development partner can suggest directions, come up with ideas and offer examples that can help making an important project decision. 

We understood early on that the key to the success of a project is in the time we spend with our clients with careful preparation and frequent consultation that is why our team has almost equal number of business analysts, project managers and specialized experts as developers purely dedicated to coding. 

We approach every new product as it would be one of our own inhouse products and we approach the development phases more like an ongoing discussion with our business partners.

The stronger the team the more confident we a

We really believe in the magical power of a well constructed team and we really believe that nothing motivates the team more than working on a product that they truly like and believe in. When selecting the right members for a project we not only look at skills and roles needed but we also check who is pumped about that particular product idea, who will be motivated to go the extra mile and put his or her own magic into guaranteeing a successful launch after we deliver our humble part. 

Over the years we acquired an extremely large talent pool consisting of more than 500 highly qualified freelancers so we can guarantee that when a truly unicorn skill set is needed we know who to bring in but it is equally important that we have a core team in which most of the people is working with us for at least 3 years so they not only have the technical knowledge but also have tremendous experience in delivering Canecom projects.

You have a brilliant project idea, you want to be part of our team or you need an innovation partner, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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